Chinese Investors in South Florida

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Attorney Roger A. Bernstein Discusses Chinese Investors in the South Florida Real Estate Market

In the most recent edition of The Real Deal Magazine, local immigration attorney, Roger A. Bernstein weighs in on Chinese Investors in the South Florida marketplace. Bernstein, owner of American Life Investments, an EB-5 Regional Center that finds investors for development projects, said that wealthy Chinese investors are just beginning to see Miami as an attractive location to invest their money. He believes that Da Tang and CCCC are going to encourage other Chinese developers to follow suit, noting that those developers, in turn, will attract Chinese real estate buyers. Bernstein said that the federal visa program “really creates a bridge between China and Miami. While the buying of a condo is not tied to EB-5 investments, investors making a loan to the developer for construction could possibly have an option to buy condos in the building. The condos are also being marketed in China.”

Bernstein believes that adding a Chinese buying market to South Florida’s real estate industry lessens the risk of volatility in Latin America and Europe, leading to an economic slowdown in the tri-county region.

“I think it’s a great thing for South Florida to have different, strong foreign groups investing in this marketplace. You will have a better economy and a healthier real estate market.”

Click here for the full article in The Real Deal Magazine.


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